Doughboys and Molasses Oh!

Doughboys and Molasses Oh!

  • Doughboys and Molasses, Oh! Traditional Songs from the Gros MorneRegion offers listeners a new perspective on the musical heritage of this distinctive area of Newfoundland’s west coast. The disc features 23 carefully restored tracks originally recorded from local singers by folk song researchers in the mid-twentieth century. Also included are four new performances specially commissioned for this compilation.

    The accompanying booklet explores the stories of the songs, the singers, and the collectors, as well as the role of singing in family and community life.


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Doughboys and Molasses Oh! $20.00

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Doughboys and Molasses Oh! (includes booklet) (All Tracks) $20.00
DMO booklet 5.28 MB $5.00
DMO cover 1.02 MB 0.00
26 My Mother Won't Let Me Marry: Winton Payne 1.36 MB $0.99
25 The Ten Joys of Mary: Charlotte Decker 7.30 MB $1.99
24 The Farmer's Curst Wife: George Decker 5.17 MB $1.99
23 Cabbage and Goose: Freeman Bennett 7.90 MB $1.99
22 Lily of the West: Becky and Freeman Bennett 9.43 MB $1.99
21 All Hands Away Tomorrow: Arthur Nicolle 5.83 MB $1.99
20 Oh No, Not I: Everett Bennett 7.33 MB $1.99
19 Oxford City: Edna Mae, Jesse and Ruth Payne 10.39 MB $1.99
18 The Fishermen of Newfoundland: Daniel Payne 11.51 MB $2.49
17 The Brave Engineer: Jim Bennett 5.44 MB $1.99
16 She Died In Love: Annie Walters 4.60 MB $1.99
15 The Dance at Daniel's Harbour: Becky Bennett 4.04 MB $1.99
14 Young Daniel: Annie Walters 6.13 MB $1.99
13 Save Your Money When You're Young: Amos Payne 5.71 MB $1.99
12 Thomas and Nancy: Anita Best 9.13 MB $1.99
11 The Little Beggarman: George Payne 4.00 MB $1.99
10 The Fox and the Goose: Clara Stevens 3.99 MB $1.99
09 Bold Wolfe: Matthew Byrne 16.45 MB $2.49
08 Goodbye John, but Don't Stop Long: Everett Bennett 5.41 MB $1.99
07 The Spanish Lass: Lenora Stevens Biggin 6.41 MB $1.99
06 The Shanty Boys: Henry Hutchings 5.70 MB $1.99
05 The Wreck of the Steamship Ethie : Jim Payne


6.20 MB $1.99
04 Bright Phoebe: Charlotte Decker 3.77 MB $1.99
03 The Crocodile Song: Naaman Payne 5.59 MB $1.99
02 Bar the Door O: Annie Walters 3.37 MB $0.99
01 Doughboys and Molasses Oh!: Payne Family 1.49 MB $0.99
Doughboys and Molasses, Oh! is produced by folklorist Dr. Anna Kearney Guigné for the Back on Track series. It is a co-production of MMaP and the Canadian Museum of History, under the auspices of the Cultures of Sound Network, with generous support from Parks Canada.



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