Come Hell Or High Water

Come Hell Or High Water


    Don Bursey, button accordion; Bill Ivany, acoustic guitar, harmony vocals, lead vocal on Drunken Miners; George Ivany, organ and harmony vocal on Drunken Miners; Gerald Ivany, electric bass and harmony vocal on Drunken Miners; Kitty Ivany, harmony vocal on Drunken Miners; Sandy Ivany, lead vocals; Angus Lane, monologist on Christmas of ‘49 and vocal on Solidarity Forever; Harold Skanes, mandolin and vocal on Solidarity Forever; Len Skanes, acoustic guitar and vocal on Solidarity Forever.


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Come Hell or High Water






Recorded on location in Buchans, Newfoundland by Peter Narváez on November 8, 1975; June 6, 1976; and August 14, 1976.

Originally produced by Peter Narváez

Mixdowns: Peter Narváez, Neil Rosenberg, Rick Harris

Production assistance: Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive

Technical assistance: Kenneth S. Goldstein

Photography: LP cover photo donated by Don Head

LP Front cover design and art: Ian Stewart in co-operation with Extension services, Memorial University of Newfoundland

  Re-issue produced by Peter Narváez and Jim Payne for:

SingSong Inc.

Box 6371
St. John’s, Newfoundland A1C 6J9


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