With guest musicians Renée Batten: bass Tracks 2, 6 & 9 / Aaron Collis: accordion Track 7 / Elliot Dicks: percussion / Matt Hender: bass Tracks 4, 7 & 10, piano Track 10 / Al Niles: bass Track 8 / Fergus O'Byrne: banjo / Jim Payne: backup vocal Tracks 1 & 4, accordion Track 9 / Dave Rowe: mandolin / Christina Smith: fiddle, cello / Carl Sooley: harmonica / Gerry Strong: tin whistle / Laura Taylor: backup vocal Tracks 1, 5 & 10

All songs: Lyrics and music by Richard Neville, except Joe's Canoe; music by Richard Neville, lyrics by Richard Neville and Harry Martin. © Richard Neville SOCAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



 Featuring the great Nain tenor, the late Karrie Obed, accompanied by Mark Turner on trumpet. Imgiguset was recorded in the Moravian Churches in Nain and Makkovik.



This album was produced by Mark David Turner and Tom Gordon, and recorded at St. John’s, NL, within the Great Hall of Queen’s College, Memorial University on 9 October, 2016. 


Deantha Edmunds, soprano
Karrie Obed, tenor
Innismara Vocal Ensemble
Suncor Energy String Quartet
Tom Gordon, organ 

Executive Producer: Tom Gordon


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Music and Lyrics by Richard Neville (SOCAN) 


Ahâk! Ahâk! Moravian Music of the Labrador Inuit (2018) is an anthology of archival recordings by Labrador Inuit choirs, bands, and musicians spanning seventy years of this unique musical tradition. The CD includes newly remastered performances from the 1971 LP Nain Eskimo Choir along with numerous recordings from archival and private collections. Also included is a richly illustrated sixty-page booklet on the Moravian musical traditions of Inuit Labrador.

The Nain Brass Band and the Nain Moravian Church Choir are MusicNL's 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award Winners