Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas

Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas

  • Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas have quickly gained a reputation as two of Newfoundland's outstanding traditional music interpreters, performing dance tunes from the province's rich musical history in a tight, dynamic playing style.  As members of local trad band, The Dardanelles, Aaron and Emilia have performed on stages across Canada, the US, and as far afield as Scotland and Australia. Both Aaron and Emilia have individually been awarded The Dermot O'Reilly Legacy Award for promoting traditional music and demonstrating leadership and creativity in the tradition-bearer community of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

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  • Artist: Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas
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01 Carlow Boys / Tatter Jack Walsh (Jigs) 5.63 MB $1.99
02 Vince's Triple / Calvin Payne's Step Dance Tune (reels) 5.32 MB $1.99
03 Kevin Broderick's / The Boys from Dildo / Don Freake's (singles) 6.83 MB $1.99
04 The Carnation Waltz / Ruby's Waltz (waltzes) 6.83 MB $1.99
05 McCormack's Breakdown / Brian Tobin's Reel (reels) 6.03 MB $1.99
06 Britches Full of Stitches / Advance / Bren Newman's (singles) 6.83 MB $1.99
07 Torrent River Jig / Daniel's Harbour Breakdown (doubles) 5.24 MB $1.99
08 Red Rock Brook / Shanawdithit (reels) 6.55 MB $1.99
09 Form a Line / Green Grow the Rushes-O / Flowers of Edinburgh (singles) 8.36 MB $1.99
10 Mickey the Moulder (jig) 9.34 MB $1.99
11 Biscay Bay / Little Joe Palliser's / Four Turn Tune 7.94 MB $1.99
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The tradition is safe in the hands and hearts of these two exceptional players. Paying great respect to the keepers from whom they learned, Aaron and Emilia breathe new life into the repertoire. To play at this level and make it sound so effortless speaks volumes of their talent. You're left with a strong sense that they play for the love it... it's always about the tunes and they nail it!"

— Glen Tilley, Producer CBC Radio Music

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