Fiddle Me This

Fiddle Me This

  • Artist Christina Smith
  • Catalog SMITH-CD1


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The Banks of Newfoundland 3.36 MB $1.99
Crockers Cove Reel/du pain, du Beurre et du Caplin 2.09 MB $1.99
Black Duck Brook French Centre Waltz/ Cancer Waltz 3.42 MB $1.99
Eddie's Tune/ Mother Wouldn't Beat 'n 2.32 MB $1.99
On the Road to New Orleans/ On the Way to Norway/ Noel's Dinn 3.98 MB $1.99
The Bluebird/ Annie Annie 2.44 MB $1.99
Cabot's Voyage/ Jeannie's on the Rum 2.54 MB $1.99
Wanda's Tune/Coomb's Cove/Green Grow the Rushes-O 2.31 MB $1.99
Parson's Pond Jig/Daniel's Harbour Breakdown 2.27 MB $1.99
Debbie's Waltz/Wedding Waltz 3.66 MB $1.99
Hound's Tune/McBen 2.22 MB $1.99
I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree 2.59 MB $1.99
Sunstroke/The Silver Screen 3.22 MB $1.99
Eddie's Close-in Tune/Green Grow the Rushes-O 2.25 MB $1.99
Fiddle Me This - complete (All Tracks) $20.00
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Fiddle Me This




   1. The Banks of Newfoundland

  2. Crocker's Cove Reel/Du Pain, Du Beurre, Et du  Capelin
  3. Black Duck Brook French Center Waltz/Cancer  Waltz**
  4. Eddie'sTune/Mother Wouldn't Beat'n
  5. On The Road To New Orleans/On The Way To  Norway/Noel's Dinn**
  6. The BlueBird/Annie, Annie
  7. The Landfall of Cabot/Jeannie's on The Rum*
  8. Wanda's Tune/Coomb's Cove/Green Grow The Rushes-O
  9. Parsons Pond Jig/Daniel's Harbour Breakdown
10. Debbie'sWaltz/Wedding Waltz**
11. Hound's Tune/McBen
12. I'll Hang My Harp On a Willow Tree
13. Sunstroke/The Silver Screen*
14. Eddie's Close-In Tune/Green Grow The            Rushes-O


Christina Smith : Fiddle, Cello
Jean Hewson : Guitar, Spoons
Wade Pinhorn : bass
Fergus O'Byrne : Bodhran
Anita Best : Vocals
Wanda Crocker : Mandolin
Jim Payne : Accordion

All arrangements by Jean Hewson and Christina Smith © SOCAN 1994
Produced by Jean Hewson and Christina Smith
Recorded at Piperstock Studios, Torbay, Newfoundland
Engineered by Lee Tizzard
Mixed by Lee Tizzard, Jean Hewson & Christina Smith
Photography by Rosanna White
Produced with the assistance of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council

All titles traditional except * by Christina Smith and ** by Emile Benoit.

 1. The Banks of Newfoundland Also known as Up the Pond, this is a familiar tune to the fans of the Royal St. John's Regatta. It was written in 1820 by Chief Justice Francis Forbes, and is associated with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

 2. Crockers's Cove Reel / Du Pain, Du Beurre, et du Capelin Crockers Cove is located in Conception  Bay, near Carbonear. Bread, Butter and Capelin is a common supper in early summer in St. Pierre.

 3. Black Duck Brook French Center Waltz/Cancer Waltz Two lovely tunes written by Emile Benoit. The second is his last waltz.

 4. Eddie's Tune/Mother Wouldn't Beat'n Single jigs learned from accordion player EdwardDidham of Colinet

 5. On The Road To New Orleans/On The WayTo Norway/Noel's Dinn Emile liked to celebrate people, places and events in the titles of his tunes. The first two document his travels. The last tune is one of three he wrote for the late Noel Dinn.

 6. The Blue Bird/Annie, Annie Lively jigs from the repertoire of Rufus Guinchard

 7. The Landfall of Cabot/Jeannie's on The Rum A couple of original tunes.

 8. Wanda's Tune/Coomb's Cove/Green Grow The Rushes-O A set of singles learned from fiddler and mandolin player, Wanda Crocker.
 9. Parsons Pond Jig/Daniel's Harbour Breakdown More unusual tunes from Rufus, named for communities on the Great Northern Peninsula.

10. Debbie's Waltz/Wedding Waltz Emile wrote the first tune for harpist, Deborah Clarke.The second was written for a wedding in Port au Port.

11. The Hound's Tune/McBen Rabble-rousing reels from Rufus.

12. I'll Hang My Harp On a Willow Tree A beautiful song melody collected on Fogo Island

13. Sunstroke/The Silver Screen Two original hornpipes. The first was written in thirty degree temperatures in Seville, Spain. More than one person has told me that the second tune reminds them of music for silent films.

14. Eddie's "Close-In" Tune/Green Grow The Rushes-O Two more learned from Ed Didham. The second is another one of many versions of the tune.


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